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Hey! Welcome to High School, welcome to the bilingual section! 

This means you’re quite good speaking in English, but however, I´m here to tell you some tips.

Number one: Don’t be afraid. Maybe this sounds difficult, but trust me, this is super-easy! Just don’t think you’re the boss of the universe and fail (As I did). Studying is the best way of passing exams and, even, the whole class year.

Number Two: I’ve said this in the previous paragraph, but this is serious: Don’t cheat. It’s very risky (probably you’ll be punished) and even maybe the cheats are not correct. The best way of passing exams is to study: if you learn something, you will remember it when you repeat that content in another exam.

Number Three: Make new friends! Imagine that your dear friend that came with you into the same school makes a new friend and leaves you alone. You’ll get bored the rest of the year! Also, making new friends even can help you with studies! You can ask your friend to help you with homework, study with him/her to learn better or ask him/her things that you don’t understand about the exam you will do!

Number Four: Don’t get into troubles or the consequences will strike hardly your expedient. The day of tomorrow, some jobs will not accept you if there is bad stuff on it.

And that’s it! Thanks for reading my article, and never forget this:


Written by Juan Godino Díaz-Obregón (2º ESO)

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